The large population of homeless and abused children is an ongoing human tragedy not only in Mexico but throughout the world, BUT YOU can make a difference! The importance of your love and support to these children is priceless! Many of the children sleep with the photos of their sponsors under their pillow at night, others carry the pictures of their sponsors with them wherever they go. One little girl was distraught when she had her sponsors picture in her pocket and got caught in a rainstorm. The picture was replaced, but what cannot be replaced is the life changing impact that you as a sponsor can have on the children.

Monthly sponsorship is a commitment to pray for your child, and a financial commitment of $60 a month for a full sponsorship or $30 a month for shared sponsorship. Just $2 a day covers the needs of one child’s housing and staff costs, utility costs, food, clothing, schooling and medical costs!

As a Sponsor

Each year, at the times when CHIRIA is visited by Wings of Eagles International, you will have the opportunity to send letters or gifts to your child.  In the meantime, if you  have any questions or want updates about the child you sponsor, just ask!


  • Homeless in Veracruz, Jose L. survived by diving off the docks for coins that tourists threw in. Like many street kids he was also addicted to inhalants. Knowing he needed help, he made his own way to CHIRIA and received the love and direction he was desperately seeking. Today Jose L. is working with a Godly man from the local church and learning a trade.

    Jose L
  • Little Jose M. was emaciated and diseased when first arriving at CHIRIA. Surrounded by love he was miraculously healed. Today he is a happy and thriving boy, and has been adopted by a Christian family.

    Jose M.
  • Luis was only seven years old, caring for his two younger sisters when he they were found living in a barn. Since arriving at CHIRIA, they have been transformed into loving, confident, happy children who now know they are loved by God.